Term 4 2019 Dance Newsletter


Friday the 1st November-Tickets go on sale via Try booking. Head to our website and follow the Number 1 Hits link www.lifestyleforkids.com.au

Tuesday 5th November- Melbourne Cup Day, LFK Closed

Sunday the 10th November- Photo Day at LFK from 3.15pm. A class photo schedule will be handed out in class. There is also a copy in the foyer.

Sunday the 10th November - Junior show Finale rehearsal at LFK from 4.00-4.45pm. This includes all Kinder Dance, Grade Prep Jazz and Grade 1 Tap and Jazz after the photo shoot.

Saturday 16th November - Senior Show* Finale rehearsal at LFK from 6.00-6.45pm. *Compulsory* All Students in grade 2 and above who are participating in the 2 senior shows need to attend. This will be the only Finale rehearsal for the whole school.

Friday 29th November at Xavier College -

135 Barkers Road, Kew

Full Dress Rehearsal for the Senior Shows from 4.30pm. A rehearsal schedule will be posted in the foyer so you can see you arrival time for rehearsal & of your routines.

Saturday 30th November at Xavier College- Showtime !!!!!