Term 1 Dance Newsletter 2019

Welcome back to another fantastic year of dance at LFK!

To all of our new members, a very warm welcome to you! We are thrilled to have you join our wonderful and ever-growing LFK community!

This year is sure to be as exciting and action packed as the last, with our AFLW Western Bulldogs Performances, our new LFK Industry Squad and JNR SQUAD Event Performers, an Internal Dance Competition, and of course the end of year annual dance concert!

The theme for the 2019 concert is Number 1 Hits - it is sure to be a great show with fantastic music to have everyone dancing!


LFK welcomes back the old and the new members to our dance teaching staff. With new teachers Holly Saunders, Tanysha Sarti, Chloe Tipitsidis, Breanna Formosa and Maeve Scollard. We also welcome back all of our returning teachers Lizzie, Erin, Kearna, Tori, Amber, Alarni, Michelle and Tracy!

Important Dates

Term 1 Dates: Monday 4thFebruary – Saturday 6thApril


Concert Dates: Friday November 29th- Dress rehearsal

Saturday 30th November- All three shows