Final Concert Notes and a Party in the Park!!

Final Note

-Full Dress Rehearsal 4.30 at Xavier College Friday 30th November 12.30 /6.30 show only.

-Bus drop off time at LFK is 3.00pm the bus will leave LFK 3.20 sharp.

-Snack packs still available for Dress rehearsal $10 and includes (Grain waves, Muesli bar, Pretzels, Bottle of water and fruit)

-Rehearsal order, Junior and Senior running orders are posted in the foyer, please check.

-LFK Red Lipstick we still have a few available see reception $20.

-LFK black bike shorts still available if you need a new pair for the finale $25.00.

-No Make up or hair braiding required for Dress rehearsal on Friday.

-Please check and try on your costumes at home and make sure you have your costume checklists and all your accessories for the Dress rehearsal. Costumes and bags can be left in the theatre overnight.

-If anyone has any mobile clothing racks that we can borrow they would be really handy in the dressing rooms. You are welcome to bring them in on the Dress rehearsal and set up for the Saturday concert.

-Hairdressers- $10 to be paid cash to the hairdresser on the day or prepaid at LFK. Please make sure your hair is already straightened before you arrive. If you do not arrive at your appointment you will still be charged as we are booked out.

-Make-up $20 to be