Our program encourages students' dance development in a positive and fun environment. We offer a variety of classes for all ages and skill levels. Our dance student’s work towards learning different styles and techniques, as well as mastering a routine for our annual end of year performance. Click 'learn more' to find out what dance classes LFK run and to have a look at our timetable.



Gymnastics at LFK Dance & Gym is a fun and social environment for boys and girls to learn Gymnastics. We offer the Gymnastics program all levels of gymnasts from beginner to level 7 in MAG, ALP Levels 2-5 and GYMSTAR programs. Gymnastics focuses on building the required skills and routines on apparatus including Vault, Beam, Floor, Rings, Parallel Bars and Uneven Bars. Click 'learn more' to find out what gymnastics classes LFK run, and to have a look at our timetable.



Our Acro classes at LFK Dance & Gym are pretty fun! These classes focus on floor and trampoline skills, working on basic floor skills like handstands and cartwheels, and progressing up towards aerials, flips, back hand springs and acro formations and lifts. There are many tricks and skills to learn and lots of fun to be had! Click 'learn more' to find out what Acro classes LFK run and to have a look at our timetable.

Our Kinder dance program is for 3-5 year olds and focuses on movement through music. Classes consist of corner steps, dance moves and interactive activities as well as games and fairy bubbles at the end of every class! Our 4-5 year old students work towards our end of year Dance Concert. Click 'learn more' to find out what kinder dance classes LFK run and to have a look at our timetable.

Kinder Dance 


Kinder Gymnastics 

Kinder Gymnastics at LFK Dance & Gym is offered for 2-5 year olds. It focuses on fine and gross motor skills, coordination, listening skills, safety landings, and strength! Each week, equipment is tailored to challenge a particular skill, with rocking and rolling, hanging and swinging, balancing and jumping as some of the skills worked on in class. Our Kinder Gym program teaches children to engage their body safely with the environment and have fun! Click 'learn more' to find out what Kinder Gym classes LFK run and to have a look at our timetable.


Birthday Parties

LFK Dance & Gym is a fantastic place to hold your child’s birthday party! We offer Gymnastics or Dance parties and custom design each party to suit your birthday needs. Birthday parties are run by our capable, friendly and fun staff who handle everything from running games, organising food and making sure each and every one of your party guests has the best time at your birthday party! Click 'learn more' to find out how good LFK parties really are!!


Holiday Programs

If you’re looking for fun, energetic, creative and exciting school holiday activities in Melbourne, then LFK Dance & Gym’s school holiday program is for you!

It's a great opportunity for your child to make new friends, explore their creativity and exercise in a fun and safe environment! Each holiday program is different and caters to the current flavour of the month for kids in the school breaks. Click 'learn more' to find out what fun holiday programs we have in store for your next break!




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We love the LFK family orientated culture and values. The senior dancers and teachers inspire young people to have fun while learning, by providing mentorship and leading by example.

- Rachel Mann


LFK is more than a dance& Gym school, it’s a place where strong bonds and friendships are formed.

- Be Ryan 

Lifestyle is a positive, fun and nurturing environment. We have been apart of lifestyle for kids for 15 years we consider family.

- Tracey Formosa 

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